About us   

Luca Stucki (Left) and Lionel Maggi (Right) noticed that small to medium hotel & restaurant operators stand to benefit the most from external hospitality support services.


Yet existing hospitality consultants are   

high-priced and better suited for larger enterprises. 


Therefore we founded JHA to bridge this gap and:


Connect businesses and exemplary hospitality students

Gain priceless experience while adding value to hospitality SME

Industry growth through collaboration in problem solving  

Our offer

A study of your establishment regarding:


The guest's journey with COVID measures 


Your brand's online presence 


An operations overview 



Your Participation

Introductory conversation with management


Guided tour of the premises & organization


Availability to answer questions


The Result


An explicit report composed of objective

views of your business. Supported by

scholarly findings, experienced professionals

and our knowledge from attending the

École hôtelière de Lausanne.


An interactive presentation of the findings,

followed by the fulfilment of any questions.





What To Expect


Utter discretion & efficiency 

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Luca Stucki


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